Mississippi Pot Roast

Recipe -

Mississippi Pot Roast

Some days you just need something that is simple to prepare and that you can just Set It and Forget It! Mississippi Pot Roast to the Rescue!! This simple pot roast is sure to please and it is one of the easiest recipes out there.



3-4lb chuck roast 1 TBSP: Select Savory Seasonings Ranch Dressing Seasoning 1/4 tsp Select Savory Seasonings Granulated Garlic 1/4 tsp Select Savory Seasonings Granulated Onion 2-3 dashes of Select Savory Seasonings Ground Korintje Cinnamon 4 TBSP Butter

4-5 Pepperoncini Peppers


-Put meat in crock pot

-cover meat with seasonings

-put slices of butter on meat

-place pepperoncini peppers on/around the roast -cook in crock pot on low for 8 hours -Serve and Enjoy!

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