Keto Ranch Trail Mix

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Keto Ranch Trail Mix


Our friends @myketogenicfamily on Instagram put together this Amazing Trail Mix after picking up our Ranch'tastic Seasoning at KetoCon Our family used to enjoy trail mix when we would go out for a hike, a picnic or just to have when friends come over but almost all commercial trail mixes are full of sugar in various forms. As a result we have not had trail mix in years. Now that problem has been Solved!


Here is how to make this Amazing Trail Mix: -1 stick of butter -1 bag of plain pork rinds -1 bad of Moon Cheese Snacks Pepper Jack Cheese (or Cheddar) -mixed nuts -up to 1 TBSP of Select Savory Seasonings, Ranch'tastic Seasoning -Mix All Dry Ingredients in a Large Bowl (except the Ranch'tastic) -Melt Butter

-Pour the butter over the dry ingredients while stirring them -Sprinkle in the Ranch'tastic and keep stirring until flavored to your liking

-Allow the trail mix to cool and then ENJOY!!!

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