Savory Pumpkin Pie Spice

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Currently pumpkin spice is most typically thought of in conjunction with Starbucks or by being strangely added to some other food hardly anyone it seems thinks of actual pumpkin pie! It’s become a bit ridiculous. 20-30 years ago it was commonly found in candles, lotions and potpourri as it was pie. In the last 5 year or so it has become the almost obnoxious seasonal darling of the food world – it’s found in everything from spiced ale and oreo cookies to butter, creamer, doughnuts, gum, jello and Pringles (the rest of these tend to be more nauseating).

When the holiday season is upon you and you’re looking to create that perfect, traditional pumpkin pie then this is the seasoning blend that you want to have at your finger tips! While it may not be the most popular spice, herb or seasoning in your spice cabinet it is one of the most critical during the holiday season.

Over the last 200 years or so Pumpkin pie has traditionally been considered a sweet dessert, more popular in the fall and early winter especially during the Thanksgiving and Christmas time period. The pie is made from a pumpkin-based custard, that ranges from brown to orange in color, is baked in a pie shell and unlike apple pie doesn’t have a top crust.

Flavor Profile 

Savory Pumpkin Pie Spice has warm, earthy notes with a hint of sweetness.

What’s In It 

Hand blended with cinnamon, ginger, clove and nutmeg.