Chili Powder Mild

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Chili powder is the signature seasoning of Chili Con Carne (chili with meat), the classic cowboy chuck wagon trail stew. Today chili powder is found in numerous recipes from tacos to barbecue sauces. Top quality American chili powders are instantly recognizable due to their various layers of flavor complexity and heat.  

Flavor Profile 

In this flavorful yet mild chili powder you’ll also notice a hint of spicy heat with a nice base of earthiness from the cumin. Heat is always a subjective thing but I would rate this Mild Chili Powder about a 2-3 on the heat scale of 10.

This flavorful salt free chili powder is ideal for those that love the refined nuances of ancho and pasilla chiles - two of Mexico’s signature chiles. This is an excellent all around chili powder. 

We’re fans of these two particular chiles especially when we in search of a bit of spicy heat but not wanting to overwhelm a dish with an avalanche of heat. The Ancho chile is sweet and fruity with a nice flavor complexity that brings to mind undertones of tobacco, raisins and prunes. The Pasilla chile is a bit more pungent and tangy with woodsy undertones. These two chiles compliment each other excpetionally well and are considered two of the three chiles in the Mexican holy trinity of chiles - with Mulato chiles being the third. 

What’s In It

Hand blended from ancho, pasilla, paprika, garlic, onion  and cumin.

Helpful Hints 

If you haven’t used this chili powder before we recommend using about 1/3 to ½ of what you’re used to using. You can always add more to the dish if you feel that it needs more flavor.