Jalapeno Seasoning Salt

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Use Jalapeno Salt when you’re looking for some subtle heat and saltiness on your burgers, burritos, chicken, eggs, enchiladas, homemade sausage, pizza, rice, tacos, steak and veggies. 

A word of caution - as with any chile related seasoning we always recommend that you follow the “start with just a little” rule of thumb. The first few times that you use our Jalapeno Salt just add a few shakes until you’re comfortable with the heat level. You can always add more fiery flavor. This Jalapeno Salt comes in at about a 4-5 on the heat scale of 10.

We like to use this more as a finishing salt than a cooking salt.

Blended with sea salt, jalapeno powder, garlic, onion, pepper and Mexican oregano.