Roasted Garlic Pepper

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Our roasted garlic pepper is certainly spicier than garlic salt, or granulated garlic. I didn’t think it was going to be possible to find a pepper blend that would ever replace our top selling Select Savory Pepper that resides on our kitchen table but this one is getting more and more use at our house lately. 

After doing some research on other garlic peppers out in the marketplace I was struck by how many of them had lots of things in them that weren't garlic or pepper. Salt and sugar were frequently two of the first two or three ingredients listed on the label. I'm not a fan of adding additional sugar to my diet so I worked on making this Roasted Garlic Pepper available.

Just any garlic wasn't going to do. We prefer California garlic, so that was a given. But instead of a run-of-the-mill granulated garlic or garlic powder we wanted to us roasted California granulated garlic. The roasted undertones really added to the savoriness of the blend. Now while I wanted to keep this pretty blend simple, that certainly didn’t mean bland. So in addition to the roasted garlic we concentrated on getting the pepper part just right. We finally settled on two different grinds of black pepper and when we added some freshly ground white pepper we found that it really hit the sweet spot.

Unlike lots of garlic pepper blends on the market there's no added salt or sugar to this blend and the combination of roasted garlic, onions and pepper create an almost magical savory bond that is pretty tough to beat. 

We find ourselves using this on grilled or roasted chicken, burgers, fish and steaks as well as steamed vegetables, scrambled eggs, omelets, pork chops, ribs and in marinades, salad dressings, stews and soups.

It is blended with black pepper, white pepper, roasted California garlic and onion.