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Lemon Pepper

Lemon Pepper

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We designed lemon pepper to combat the overabundance of salt in the everyday American diet. Since salt and pepper are the quintessential spices of the average American diet, it is hard to imagine food without them. Lemon acts with food in much the same way that salt does, meaning that a lemon pepper can be a very convenient substitute for salt and pepper. This blend is both delicious and effective in reducing the amount of salt in your diet, if you choose it over salt. 

Lemons have long been used in place of salt to brighten foods. Some people even prefer the taste of lemon in blind taste tests, thanks to the tartness that it gives to some foods. It depends on the type of dish you are making, but you can use this Lemon Pepper nearly everywhere you would use salt and pepper as a pair. 

What’s In It? 

Our Lemon Pepper is hand-blended from black pepper, minced onion, lemon, thyme and coriander. 

Flavor Profile 

Our Lemon Pepper has a peppery, lemon flavor with a nice herbal flavor behind it. 

Where to Use 

You can use this lemon pepper as a seasoning for meats, and seafood but it can also be added to leafy greens for a kick of flavor. This is excellent on fresh salads in the summertime. 

The fresh flavor of the lemon compliments a lot of grilled foods quite well. If you love grilling season, you’ll surely want this seasoning blend in your spice cabinet. We enjoy putting it on haddock or cod especially, as white fish hold flavors like this well and lemon always tastes good with a white fish.

Lemon pepper is excellent on avocados. Cut your avocado in half, remove the hard pit, and then poke holes in the flesh of the avocado with a toothpick. Squirt some lemon juice over the holes and let it sit for a few minutes, and then dump out the juice. Sprinkle this lemon pepper over the avocados and enjoy.

Alfredo is a quick go to for a lot of American families. If you want to take this dish and make it a little heartier, add some tuna and a season it with lemon pepper. Tuna adds a lot of nutrients and the lemon pepper seals the deal on this delicious meal.