Herbes de Provence

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Also known as Provencal herbs, Herbes de Provence and simply Herbs Provence, Herbs de Provence is a traditional blend of common, aromatic herbs that flourish in hills of France’s Provence region. This region is located on France’s southeastern tip and borders Italy, Herbs de Provence is an herbal blend was concocted in 1970’s and similar to Indian curries there is no one specific recipe as these vary from family to family.

Herbs de Provence should be added to foods before or fairly early in the cooking process to best infuse its flavor into your dish. Experienced French cooks very rarely added after cooking is complete.

For best results we like to mix with olive oil before adding to a dish. Add a pinch or two to hot coals when grilling and you’ll find your meat and vegetables pick up a noticeably subtle smoky flavor.

Blended from basil, thyme, marjoram, chervil, rosemary and lavender