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Gyros, pronounced “YEE-rohs” are quickly gaining traction across the United States. A food that has its origins in Greece, this meat is rapidly becoming a fan favorite in even the smallest of American towns. Where it began in America is up for debate, since the several men who claim they did it first are all friendly competitors who sell gyro meat cones.

Despite this competition, the gyro business continues to boom! Americans are becoming more and more curious about different food options, and new food options are more readily available than ever before. For every obscure cuisine, you can probably find at least one restaurant solely dedicated to it somewhere in the US. Luckily for us, gyros are becoming more mainstream.

What’s in it? 

Our Gyro Seasoning is hand blended from onion, garlic, kosher salt, oregano, marjoram, black pepper and rosemary.


Flavor Profile 

This seasoning blend tastes of onion and garlic with lovely herbal notes and a slight bite from the black pepper.


Where to Use 

This seasoning blend is perfect for making your own gyro meat loaf from a combination of beef and lamb. Gyros and Tzatziki Sauce are such a classic combination, and this blend is a perfect ingredient for any recipe for this sandwich and sauce pair. You can also use pork loin to make a poor man's Gyro if lamb is not readily available.


Helpful Hints 

Our Gyro Seasoning is very flavorful, so be careful to only use a little and then add more as you go. It is quite easy to over season, but it is hard to mellow out the flavors if you add too much!

A tablespoon of Gyro Seasoning will season about a pound of meat.


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