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Florida Lemon Peel

Florida Lemon Peel

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Florida Lemon Peel

Lemon peel is the zest from dehydrated lemons – this is the outer portion (or skin) of the lemon with the white membrane or pith removed. It is also the portion of the fruit that contains the highest oil content (and provides the most flavor), which is why it is so often called for in baking.

If you have ever zested your own lemons, you know how labor intensive that can be. Using our dehydrated lemon peel (also called lemon zest) will save you time in cooking when the recipe calls for lemon zest. You can use our Lemon zest dehydrated or reconstituted for all of your lemon peel needs.

Where to Use 

Traditionally, lemon zest was most frequently called for in baking and dessert recipes such as pies, cakes, cookies, puddings, candy and chocolate, but we're now finding it appearing more often in recipes such as marinades, vegetables, chicken, dressings, seafood, and seasoning blends.

Flavor Profile 

Our lemon peel gives an extremely potent and tart lemon flavor.

Helpful Hints 

Our lemon peel is highly concentrated, so only substitute 1/3 the amount of grated lemon peel for any recipe that calls for fresh lemon zest.

If you wish to reconstitute prior to using, place in a dish and cover with water for 15-20 minutes and then drain off excess liquid.

If using dried lemon zest in a seasoning blend we've found that by adding a squeeze of fresh lemon to the seasoning blend during grilling or baking will "wake up" the zest even more and provide a wonderful additional blast of lemony flavor.