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Carolina Reaper Garlic Pepper

Carolina Reaper Garlic Pepper

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Seasoned pepper blends are one of our most popular categories and are especially loved by our customers who are looking for robust flavor without the addition of salt. From our best selling Select Savory Pepper to our twist with a kick, Habanero Garlic Pepper, and our Roasted Garlic Pepper we just had to experiment with a Carolina Reaper Garlic Pepper blend. Carolina Reapers have been considered the hottest chile pepper in the world since 2013 and tip the scales at between 1,400,000 - 2,000,000 SHU (Scovile Heat Units). 

Flavor Profile 

While this blend will mostly likely be preferred by chileheads (which I have become over the years) I absolutely love the flavor profile this blend possesses.  You’ll get an instant flash of up front searing heat from the Caroline Reaper chiles that dissipates fairly quickly. Next you’ll pick up on the strong base flavor from the two different grinds of black pepper, hints of garlic and the subtle undertones of onion, citrus, sweet bell pepper and Aleppo pepper.  This Carolina Reaper Garlic Pepper has a pretty significant fiery kick but isn’t burn your face off hot!

Now of course gauging hot is relative. After all jalapenos (3,000-8,000 SHU) are crazy hot to some people (they won’t enjoy this pepper blend) and habaneros (150,000-325,000 SHU) are mild to others (they’re more likely to enjoy this one).

Where to Use 

If you’re one who craves heat you can expect that this Carolina Reaper Garlic Pepper will soon become a go to seasoning in your kitchen on everything from scrambled eggs, gravy, meatloaf, omelets, pizza, pork chops, baked potatoes, soups, stews, stuffed peppers, sweet potato fries and vegetables to being used as a spicy rub for chicken or pulled pork and it will even add some zesty zip to your burgers, oven roasted wings or grilled shrimp. Oh and give it a try in a citrus based marinade - it’s the perfect secret ingredient (you don’t have to tell anyone). And if you’re a chilehead then it may replace your regular table pepper (I am and it did).

What’s In It 

Hand blended from black pepper, garlic, orange zest, onion, Carolina Reaper chile flakes, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, Aleppo pepper, celery seed, garlic flakes and marjoram . Maybe best of all this is salt free too! As with all of our blends there are no anti-caking agents, colorings, flavorings, extracts, MSG or preservatives!

Helpful Hints 

As with any blend we recommend that the first time or two you use it go with a little bit less than you might think - you can always add more. If you’re using this as a rub start off with just 1 teaspoon per lb of meat (as a point of reference on most meat rubs we recommend using 1 tablespoon per pound).