Garlic Seasoning Salt

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A popular all-around seasoning salt, this simple blend is necessary for any spice cabinet arsenal that claims to be well-stocked. The key is finding the perfect combination of garlic powder to salt, and ours is one part garlic to four parts sea salt. Most commercial blends available on the market right now are made up of one part garlic and six parts salt. Manufacturers who favor adding this much more salt in their garlic salt blend tend to do so because it makes the final product more profitable, as salt is such a cheap ingredient and a good filler. Bulking up with so much salt takes away from the overall garlic flavor translating to a less enjoyable seasoning.

Our Garlic Salt is blended with salt and garlic.

Garlic Salt is savory and has a somewhat sweet flavor from the garlic. When dried, garlic’s natural sweetness is highlighted.