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Low Carb Jambalaya

When we lived in Las Vegas a friend of ours always brought his home made Jambalaya whenever we had a potluck dinner. Of course whenever he brought it I would eat much more than I should because it tasted So Good, even though I knew that I should not be eating the rice. So this Keto Jambalaya is inspired by my friend Glenn, and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do



2 TBSP of Olive Oil or Avocado Oil

3 lbs of Meat: With Jambalaya you can use almost any combination of beef, pork, sausage, chicken or shrimp that you want. For this dish I used 1 lb each of carne asada, pork and shrimp. You can mix it up any way that you like. I know that many people like sausage and shrimp or chicken and shrimp, you can personalize this with your favorite meat(s).

1 package of Frozen Riced Cauliflower (you can use 2 packages if you are making this for a larger group of people)

1 Pepper Diced

1 Onion Diced

1 Jar of No Sugar Added Marinara Sauce (such as Rao's or Mezzetta's)

1 tsp Select Savory Seasonings California Granulated Garlic

2 tsp Select Savory Seasonings Select Cajun Seasoning 



-Cook the riced cauliflower according to the package directions

-Place a large pot on top of the stove and heat up the bottom over medium/high and then put in the 2 TBSP of Oil in the pot

-Cook your choice of meats in the pot until they are done. If you are using pre-cooked shrimp you can add it to the pot later on.

-While the meat is cooking put the cooked cauliflower in a few layers of paper towels or in cheese cloth and squeeze it to remove the excess water in the cauliflower (be careful as it may still be hot). Repeat if necessary

-Once the meat is cooked remove it from the pan

-Add the Diced Pepper and Diced Onion to the pan and cook until the onion starts to turn brown

-Add the riced cauliflower to the peppers and onions and stir together

-Put the meat back into the pot (if you have pre-cooked shrimp add it now) and mix everything together

-Add the jar of no sugar added marinara sauce

-Add the Select Savory Seasonings Savory Jambalaya Seasoning, California Granulated Garlic, and if you want the Select Cajun Seasoning and mix everything together

-After everything is mixed together put a lid on the pot and allow it to simmer on Low for an hour or two stirring occasionally


Serve and Enjoy!!

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